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On Deck Systems has its roots in technology and PhD level research . This unique combination of statistical reporting and cutting edge development is at the heart of our projects.  Human Centered Design drives our user experiences utilizing the latest in mobile ready technologies. 

On Deck Systems has led a team of software engineers and UI designers in the construction of several enterprise class solutions deployed by the Universities and many other Fortune 500 companies. Our responsibilities included designing the overall systems architecture, playing a key role in the UI design, managing project schedules, guiding the development process, and coding significant portions of these products each with significant code bases. Several solutions became recognized industry leaders in their market space. 

As developers of custom applications, On Deck Systems brings a top-notch team of talent with over 12 years experience in the full software development life cycle from conception to end-user support. We focus on understanding our customer's business objectives, building solid working relationships, and delivering scalable solutions that are easy to use. We look for ways to leverage open source building blocks and offshore resources to help minimize development costs.

We can deliver the programming to power any application you can think of. We program in PHP, Ruby, Javascript, SQL, XML, HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, Perl, and Python depending on what works best for your application. On the visual side, our multimedia designers program in the latest web standards to achieve spectacular results and interoperability standards.

Our extended team of developers and education researchers have led a number of multi-million dollar projects that have led to changes in the way our clients do business. We have delivered enterprise-class solutions to the FedEx, Penn State University, IBM and numerous other Fortune 500 companies. 

Whether it’s improving efficiency, reducing costs, or generating new revenue streams, we can help you visualize, plan, and create new business tools that will make a difference.


Architecture and Design
* Vision statement and product roadmap
* Database and user interface design
* Application architecture
* Functional requirements

Project Management
* Budgeting and resource planning
* Release and iteration planning
* Change management

Software Development
* Languages: C#, Ruby, Java, C++, PHP, Groovy
* Web: Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, ASP.Net MVC, jQuery/jQueryUI,  Grails
* RDBMS: Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, CouchDB
* Platforms: Windows 2003/2008, Linux, Unix, Mac

Quality Assurance
* Automated unit, integration, and stress testing
* Test plans
* Usability testing

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